Monday, August 22, 2011

Month One of GAPS Diet

Having now read the GAPS book, I have gotten all grain, sugar, and starchy vegetables out of my diet in an effort to restore my poor, depressed gut.  My gut has been very happy with the changes I have made, but the rest of me hasn't been too thrilled.  The probiotics have been doing their job:  marching in and killing off the "bad" microbes in their path.  However, those naughty microbes are not going down without a fight!  No siree!  They are scattering their dead troops all over the terrain as they flee. 

So far, I've seen my sinuses clear up, my ears improving, and my stress hormones stabilizing, but  I have also had uncomfortable detox symptoms:  nausea, weakness, body aches, and lethargy.  Being the fighter that I am, I am encouraged that these physical hurdles are being crossed.  It shows me that there is progress being made.

My next step is to make live culture yogurt from raw milk. 

It takes guts.

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