Saturday, September 10, 2011

Living the Cultured Life

September 1st marked the beginning of phase one of the GAPS diet for my daughter and me.  We are making bone broth soup,  yogurt, and sauerkraut for our dietary needs.  The learning curve was high, and the time commitment steep, but the pay-out (health) is a great return on our investment.   Now I find that I am looking for more ways to eat cultured food!   The next step will be mastering the art of kefir-making.

I am thankful to the kind folks at the Weston A. Price Foundation, and especially to my friend, Mrs. E., for the wealth of info and support in this transition.

Yogurt-making has turned out to be easier now that I purchased a Yolife yogurt maker and 64 oz. jar from Tribestlife.  This makes twice the amount of yogurt that our old maker produced in one batch, and since it's all in one jar, I'm not constantly cleaning those tiny jars.

Get cultured.

Yogurt Maker

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