Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Month Three of GAPS Diet

October puts us into the third month of the GAPS diet.  We are now on the full-blown GAPS.

So many (positive) changes have taken place in my health since starting the GAPS program.  To expound upon all of the changes would be too much information, so I'll spare my readers.  Instead, I want to focus on one improvement this time, and that is in hormonal balance. 

I have been depressed for sixteen years.  Yes, that's a long time.  Sixteen years of mostly gray, cloudy skies in my head, with an occasional hint of sunshine.  Living like that is like climbing uphill all day, with a 40 lb. pack on my back and ankle weights on both ankles.

Now that I've been on the GAPS diet, the sunshine has been coming out more regularly, dissipating the clouds.  The ankle weights are gone, and the pack on my back is lighter.   I have hope for the future now  -- hope, which was so elusive to me before, is now attainable.

Is the diet change worth it?  I give it an enthusiastic "YES".

Be sunny.

Gut Health and Depression

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