Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Year on the GAPS Diet

Yesterday completed our first full year on the GAPS diet.   I had gone grain-free for a month before actually starting the introductory part of the GAPS diet.  I am so thankful for the healing that has taken place in that time frame.  Many people don't think that what they eat affects their health, but isn't it amazing how changing the diet does improve health?   Let's take a look at some of my symptoms that have gone away since this diet change:

Ear aches
Ear canal itching, drainage
Sinus headaches
Ganglion cyst
Bladder spasms
Hair loss
Weight gain / poor metabolism
Food allergy to bananas
Dry, thin, frail skin
Nail ridges
Weak, brittle nails
Jaw spasms, teeth grinding

Many other symptoms are improved greatly, such as mental acuity and anxiety level.  I have also been able to cut my estrogen and DHEA doses in half so far.  That gives me increasing hope for the future!

One more year on the GAPS.  Let's see what this next year has in store for me.  

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